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Backyard baseball 2001 real players

Vladimir Guerrero, Montreal Expos, jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros Nomar Garciaparra, Boston Red Sox Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants Jason Giambi, Oakland Athletics Larry Walker, Colorado Rockies Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves Derek Jeter, New York baseball Yankees Mike Piazza, New York Mets Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres.
When a coach backyard has found a player they wish to challenge, the can call them through the telephone and talk to them through pre-written chat dialogues.
Dmitri Petrovich who runs by first base, tagged out.#2 Cement Gardens Tin Can Alley Eckman Acres Dirt Yards Sandy Flats Playground Commons Custom Teams and Names Edit Names Teams Blue Melonheads Crazy Hornets Green Wombats Humongous Bombers Junior Monsters Little Fishes Mighty Red Super Duper White Due to similarities with the real teams.Derek Jeter (New York Yankees randy Johnson (Arizona Diamondbacks chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves).Both of these cheats are available in the first Backyard Baseball game as well.When she is given a pink uniform, her stats backyard are improved immensely.A location must baseball have a population of at least one coach to play there.Online Play The first backyard game to feature online play.Pitching power-ups include the Big Freeze, Corkscrew, Crazyball, Elevator, baseball Fireball, and Slo-mo ball.Players are then given the option to play a single game or real start players a series.Played on a closed network provided by Humongous Entertainment."Screamin Line Drive- When the batter hits the ball, the ball baseball tends to "scream hence the title.Customizable team colors and nicknames are available for custom teams.Nomar Garciaparra (a Boston Red Sock) hits a Texas Ranger, then Ken Griffey. Team logo, difficulty settings, sound effects, and player positions are some of the customizable options.
Easy mode (Easy Streets Medium Mode (Mediumville or Hard Mode (Toughy Town).
Team Selection, all 30 game Major League Baseball teams are available for use.
Contents, the game consists of two types of game modes: baiak The Pickup game, game where the player picks the field, the team, and takes turn picking players with the computer.
A juice box stamina meter will indicate how much "juice" is left in baiak the pitcher.
Contents show, intro video, edit, sammy Sosa appears at the bat, with Mike Piazza catching.
Backyard strike Baseball 2001 logo appears.She throws it to first, covered by Colorado Rockie Larry Walker for the double play.Clankey throws you fastballs, slow balls, and curve-balls.MLB Players 31 MLB players are playable in the game, one from every team in the 2001 season (2 from the Cincinnati effect Reds Manager Screen, editor jeff Bagwell (Houston Astros carlos Beltrán (Kansas City Royals).Redirect, this redirect does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.Part of the Humongous Sports series, Backyard Baseball 2001 is a customizable sports title featuring the Backyard Kids, as well a few smaller versions of Major League pros.