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Kamen rider decade episode 9

Episode 22 kamen (Sub episode 21 (Sub episode 20 (Sub).
Tsukasa ends the battle, telling the brothers that Daiki now has faith in himself.But as Tsukasa arrives, Daiki evokes Hibiki's final change into Gyuki to Asumu's horror, and the thief leaves episode them.Episode 01 (Sub name (required email, comment (required) comment(s tags kamen episode rider decade episode 9 english subtitles, watch drama kamen rider decade, download kamen rider decade, fastdrama, fast drama, rider korean drama, k drama, watch online, china drama, japan drama, taiwan drama, thai drama, download free.Decade and Shinken Red fight Chinomanako, who has summoned Kamen Rider Blade to fight with him.After the argument, various holes in reality open, allowing the.Decade and Abyss' fight, however, is interrupted by Kamen Rider Impaler, and Abyss leaves to watch Decade's kamen abilities.Meanwhile, rider after her school friends return while waiting for Chinatsu, Natsumi that suggests that they should dig up the "treasure" they buried together, only to find that a parking decade lot was built over it and learning that Chinatsu moved their treasure prior.Refusing to take Tsukasa's words of something more precious than the Faiz Gear seriously, Daiki takes Decade's Ride Booker, and Narutaki takes advantage of the situation as he takes Tsukasa into another dimension to be killed by Kamen Rider Ryuga. Unbeknownst to truck them, Bony Shitari sends the Ayakashi Chinomanako to withouting investigate Diend out of dread of his appearance.
Chinomanako arrives just as Shinken windows Gold takes out the summoned truck riders and steals the Diendriver from Daiki, knocking out Shinken Gold in the process.
Managing to save the Gear while following him, Tsukasa returns to the photo studio where he put Yuri's confusion at ease.
Though the two manage to defeat Abyss together, they learn from Narutaki that Kamata is monster actually an Undead as the two depart.
31 In Special Version, Natsumi knows Decade was Destroyer of Worlds after Wataru told Tsukasa.
After Takeru takes out the Nanashi and drives off Chinomanako as Shinken Red, Genta attacks Tsukasa believing that he is in league with Daiki until Natsumi takes him to the Hikari Studio, where Hikoma Kusakabe is hiding.
Click here to watch!After easily overcoming M-Yusuke and treating him to pudding for answers, Tsukasa learns that the Imagin lost his physical form some time before they arrived.Furthermore, the Dark Riders had murdered the real TG Club members' Negative counterparts and assumed the males' identities with the other Natsumi the only survivor.Tsukasa destroys it as Kuuga Pegasus Form, and is then attacked by TheBee and Gatack.Tsukasa is suddenly transported to the dimension where he had spoken with Wataru Kurenai then tolds Tsukasa that wasn't the befriend mission because he needs to defeat all of the Heisei Kamen Riders.Meanwhile, Tsukasa and Natsumi return to the photo studio, hunting preparing to leave for the next world in their journey.Decade and Kabuto finish him off, but the tower projecting the Clock Down waves is destroyed withouting in the process, forcing Souji to fade back into Clock Up space with Mayu watching.Episode 07 (Sub episode 06 (Sub episode 05 (Sub).

With Narutaki overseeing it, the Rider War commences with Diend suddenly firing the Diendriver at Decade at point blank range.
Back in the Hikari Studio, Eijiro reveals kamen rider decade episode 9 a large photo that shows another world.