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Lego rock raiders sandbox mod

lego rock raiders sandbox mod

Submitted by: raiders conner54, at the rock main sandbox menu, type raiders the following: Code Result, lrrwarp - Access All Levels, lrrmonty - All Men Become Rock Monsters.
Show speed and true north direction if GPS is enabled.This application is a raiders compass app with augmented reality view with real time rock map update, and provides rock GPS information.Electric fences:, the electric sandbox fences do not use energy crystals.This will stop the lava from destroying your base temporarily.Only one building requires power in order to use them. Level select: Add the -testlevels command line parameter to obscure end of administration the "Target" field in digimon the "Shortcut" properties of the "LegoRR.
It is a fun app to play with and a useful tool rock when traveling.
Show reality view, 3D compass, map, coordinates, sandbox address and speed in the same view.
Wrong base size: At the end of most levels when Chief is giving you your results, it almost always states that your base size.
Stuck vehicles: When you have at least two large vehicles that are on the same spot, they usually get stuck and can only be moved by blacklist going into first-person or shoulder view.You will then need to repair the erosion and build a new power path there if you want to slow down the lava again.Block lava flow:, in any level with lava, build a perimeter power path around the lava.Drained Energy Crystal: When you have at least one building that uses power, and a power station but only one Energy Crystal, it will constantly say that the Energy Crystal is drained.Android.2 Froyo, size - 321 KB, rating - 2/5 from 16 ratings, rate this app: 334 downloads download 3D Compass- AR Compass free, download 3D Compass- AR Compass apk for free, free download 3D Compass- AR Compass android download 3D Compass- AR Compass android.Track our apps on Google page: /K8VkX.Browse By PC Games Title: Lego Rock Raiders Cheats, lego Rock Raiders, cheat slip Codes.