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Lightning crack sound effect

For some weird reason.
Deals Lightning effect elemental damage.
Diamond Shield Shield Resistant sound to Lightning elemental damage.Shockstorm Enemy Attack Lightning elemental damage to all targets in range.The Price Is Right effect : On at least two occasions, the device that effect makes the Big Wheel beep has malfunctioned.Done in Books Don't Work Here notably in this one Subverted in Homestuck with Terezi's "pchooooo".Thunderstorm Ramuh Deals Lightning elemental damage.Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit This article or section is a stub in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.Thundaga Black Magic Major Lightning elemental damage to enemy party.Light crack Arrow Weapon sound Deals Lightning elemental damage.Thunder Spear Weapon Deals Lightning elemental damage when attacking physically.The Far Side : in one strip, two kangaroos were hopping next to each other and one of them chided the other for saying "boing, boing" out loud.Plasma Arrow Esper Ability Deal lightning damage to one foe.Thunder Resistance Seed Ability Seed Grants a Mirage the effects of this ability when placed sound in a blank space in their Mirage Board.Thundaga Seed Ability Seed Allows a Mirage to use this ability when placed in a blank space in their Mirage Board.Hoof Kick Esper Ability Deals lightning damage to one foe.Thunder Scroll Item, Enemy Attack Deals moderate Lightning-elemental damage to all targets. Random Shock Ability Inflict magical thunder damage to a paypal random target.
In Final Fantasy viii, he is replaced sound by Quezacotl, whose special attack is Thunder Storm.
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Thundara Magic Inflicts moderate Lightning elemental damage.Thundara Black Magic Inflicts moderate Thunder-elemental damage.Final Fantasy V Edit Lightning Game Element Type Effect Thunder Black Magic Inflicts minor Lightning elemental damage.The people behind crack Archer and Frisky Dingo are fond of this.Appearently " sounds like a dog vomiting.Thunder reader Breath Dragon Soul/Breath Deals Lightning damage in a T-shaped card area.Bang." at the end of "Firecracker".The series is known for using the base "thunder" for its lightning elemental spells.

Halves Poison, Holy, Water and Earth damage.
Especially funny since the medium is a comic.
Magitek Laser Enemy Attack Deals minor Lightning-elemental lightning crack sound effect damage.