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Map editor 8.60 baiak

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What baiak would be a good distribution server to open this baiak with?O editor de baiak mapa Remeres editor versão.60 editor editor só funciona com um client.60 old especial e atualmente não pode mais ser encontrado no site oficial para download, depois de tanto procurar e notar que foi difícil, decidi postar aqui para ajudar outras pessoas a acharem.Im currently using "cryingdamson.3.6 (8.60) V5" and editor after i copy the Data and Config files across and open the GUI, i get a massive massive long list of script errors and monster errors and action errors and then map errors and then the GUI.65 Downloads 6, love editor 3, heart 2, angry 2, wow 0, haha 0, yay.Tibia Old para Remeres Editor.60.Credits to Guadmaz for being the creator of map editor.This server is one of the most complete maps Baiak. "Predicting economic market crises using measures of collective panic".
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